Air Transport

When Time Matters

Time matters for everyone and it matters for your cargo. We cooperate with the leading airlines, thus ensuring the best service for our clients.

Air freight is a very reliable and safe mode of transportation, bearing, however, some limitations in the size and the weight of the cargo. Moreover, the pricing is higher than in other modes of transport. When it comes to shipping cargo urgently from A to B, air freight is the most popular choice.

Using Canavara Expedition air transport services, your company can enjoy below advantages, with the best distance x time ratio.
• Often consolidated shipments, offering you the best transit time at a lower cost.
• Close cooperation with airlines, making it easy to negotiate special situations and oversize cargoes.
• Clear, objective and flexible follow up system, according to customer´s needs

Air freight can be moved with different carriers, depending on the customers’ needs or commodity requirements.


Passenger Airlines: Passenger airlines, though they exist to move people, will often offer for sale the space in the belly compartment of the airplane which is typically where passenger luggage is stowed. Passenger airlines have many weight and space limitations for the cargo they will accept, but they can be a convenient option due to the number of frequent flights to destinations.

All-Cargo Carriers: As the name connotes, these carriers move air cargo and offer freight services, but do not offer passenger services. All-cargo carriers have less weight and dimension limitations due to the wide-body and containerized cargo aircrafts in their fleet which leave plenty of room for larger, heavier items, such as aerospace and automotive parts and materials. This category also includes heavy-lift cargo freighters designed for project cargo. Since heavy-lift freighters are uncommon, their charter services are highly specialized and rarely operate on a scheduled basis.

Integrated Express Carriers: These carriers will move your cargo from the door at point A to the door at point B. They will pick-up your shipment from origin via truck, fly it to it’s destination terminal, then deliver it to the destination via truck. C